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About Us

Juel Salon is a full service hair and skin salon located at 320 Liberty Pike, in Franklin, Tennessee. When you enter Juel, you are greeted with metropolitan, urban-chic combined with southern charm. Juel Salon takes pride servicing “ALL HAIR” and with our central location we service a national clientele.  Our team is known to set the standard in the hair industry because of our passion to service “ALL HAIR”. When you walk into Juel, you can feel confident that your stylist will have diverse knowledge and your visit will be tailored to meet your specific hair and skin needs.

Johnna Bates and Ashlyn Meneguzzi are the co-owners of Juel Salon. Johnna has been in the hair industry for 20+ years. She takes pride in educating stylists, distributors, product lines and salon owners with “out of the box” solutions to elevate the hair industry.  Ashlyn is the co-founder and Principal of Bristol Development Group as well as a prominent business leader in the industry. Johnna and Ashlyn’s combined leadership and creative design styles have established a unique and successful partnership.